The concept of Mimosa emerged from Kinnari Kansara, a qualified counsellor and group therapist with over 25 years of experience working with survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Kinnari’s extensive work experience highlighted the need for a distinctive therapeutic programme that was based on recognising the long-term and pervasive post-traumatic impact on survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Our way of working integrates different humanistic therapeutic approaches.  It is founded on person-centred values. Kinnari invited Moriam Grillo, an Arts Psychotherapist and artist to join her in facilitating a unique therapeutic approach to working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  Our highly successful pilot programme was launched in April 2019 in a women’s centre in Luton.

What is Mimosa?

Mimosa is a service

It is a response to the need for lasting, authentic empowerment for trauma survivors.

We welcome you to head to the contact page if you wish to find out more information or would like to know if we are right for you. Alternatively, check out the information on what we offer below.

We strive & symbolise:

  • Vulnerability and Courage
  • Sensitivity
  • Body Intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Learning
  • Strength
  • Psychological and Social Capacity to Survive and Thrive against Catastrophic Traumatic Experiences
  • Uniqueness

Mimosa’s concept draws on the Mimosa plant.

Mimosa is known for its sensitive qualities. Found in tropical and sub-tropical climates, it is perennial meaning it grows enduringly and steadily no matter what. Its leaves close and droop when touched: like a defence mechanism against predators. Young tender mimosa plants, like any young living organism in the eco-systems are fragile and vulnerable: needing nurturance and care to survive and thrive.

We offer:

  • Individual Counselling
  • Individual Art Psychotherapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision for Professionals providing counselling and psychotherapy.

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